MrSpeedy: Easy IT-Solution for Your Delivery Needs
Stop wasting time on courier booking - integrate now
and convert your website traffic into actual sales!
Why Integrate?
Save Time and Money
You do not need confirm the delivery - customers will fill all addresses, you just need to press the button and send orders to us! We will assign one courier to several orders.
Faster Sales Conversion
Attract customers with free delivery or earn money on it using additional fee for it. By the way, we found out the availability of urgent delivery makes customer to buy your product.
Customized Technical Support
Different companies have different challenges. Let's talk about what you need, send your questions anytime
Choose your integration method
Suitable for biz with self written order creation system. Your developer will be able to deal with it.

Via package for your platform
How to get on this page?
1. Add delivery booking form on your checkout page
2. Start sending orders to our platform
3. Write an email to with the following topic: "I want to be one the partners page", attach your logo and link